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Claudio Baglioni's italian tour, a journey inside man

"Every man's history is made up of short and long journeys in search of what is hidden deep inside the soul, a very little frequented place. Few go on these journeys for everyone, in an attempt to slightly move the border line of this house orbiting in the endless, misty nothingness which surrounds us, to trespass the boundaries we know and find new lands to explore and new oceans to sail". Whoever should visit Claudio Baglioni's official site (the address, as fans already know, is would have no doubts: that "Traveller on the time's tail" is man, and the Roman singer's latest album is the most recent stop of a long maturing process which is not only professional but also (and mainly) human. Since "Questo piccolo grande amore" (this little, great love), the boy from the outskirts has become a man: now in his mid-fifties, he has definitively stopped singing the romantic love of a 20-year-old in search of deeper answers on who we are and where our journey will !
lead us to. "Traveller on the time's tail", which today is also the name of a tour across Italy, is a question on the meaning of this journey, the final chapter of an ideal trilogy which ties "Oltre" (meaning "beyond") - a return to the early days, to the roots, a backward-looking record - to "Io sono qui" (I am here), a forward-looking album that tries to find out who we really are. The "Travel" bandwagon, that offered a first taste on New Year's Eve in St. Peter's Square, now is to visit the main Italian cities. The first stop was Florence on 15th March, followed by Modena, Milan, Verona, Treviso, Bologna, Brescia, Trieste, Turin, Caserta, R.Calabria, Acireale, Palermo. Baglioni arrived in Bari on 16 May and travelled on to Ancona, Pesaro, ForlÍ, Perugia, Rome and Genoa. Right on 16th May the singer-songwriter celebrated his 49th birthday. His professional story began in 1966, when he performed in a suburban theatre for a payment of 1,000 Lira. In '68 he wrote his first songs, amo!
ng which the famous "Signora Lia", and in '70 he took part in the Disco per l'Estate show with a "Una Favola Blu" (a blue fairy tale), his first record. His first album, "Claudio Baglioni", was released in the same year, followed by a "Un Cantastorie dei giorni nostri" (a street singer of our days). "Questo Piccolo Grande Amore", the album which raised him to the top, dates back to '72. It was a golden moment, every year he made a new album which regularly shot the Italian, Spanish, French and South American charts: "Gira che ti rigira amore bello", then "E Tu...", "Sabato Pomeriggio", "Solo", "E Tu Come Stai". "Strada facendo" was issued in 1981: he performed in two special concerts, at the Arsenale in Venice, on a floating platform, and in Piazza di Siena in Rome, before an audience of 150,000 people. In 1985 "Questo Piccolo Grande Amore" was recognised as "the song of the century" by Italian people and "La vita É adesso" (life is now) was released. 1986 was the year of "Asso!
lo", a triple live album, which sold more than a million copies. After two years' work, "Oltre", his twelfth album, was released: it is a collection of 20 songs performed in collaboration with Pino Daniele, Paco De Lucia, Steve Ferrone, Richard Galliano, Paolo Gianolio, Mia Martini, Manu KatchÉ, Tony Levin, Oreste Lionello, Didier Lockwood, Youssou N'Dour, Phil Palmer, Danilo Rea, David Sancious. "Io sono qui" was issued in '95 and sold 300,000 copies in the first period. On 6th June, at the Olympic Stadium in Rome - which was entirely granted for the first time - Baglioni presented "Da me a te" (from me to you); then followed the stadium tour, a series of small events, meetings, surprises, shows, appearances, music and words, one of the greatest musical events of the last decade. Further on, it was the turn of the triple live album "A-Live". We have come to '99, the year of "Traveller on the time's tail".

segnalato da Maria K.

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