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Pubblicato su La Sicilia eventi, Press review - 24/06/1998

Pinturicchio" and the match of the two "10" Italian players

"I tired them and he knocked them down"

"This time I hope tv framed me when I exulted for the goal of Roberto Baggio". He's a good witty Del Piero, who in spite of substitution is quite happy for the victory of Italy for 2-1 on Austria. He cares about his exultation for the goal of Baggio to avoid unnecessary polemics as those of last days when he was framed while he was on the bench just when other players exulted for the goal of his "opponent" against Chile.
"I'm happy for the victory of Italy and for the goal of Roby. Anyway I thing I've some merits for this victory. I can say I tired them and Baggio in the end knocked them down".
It was a difficult match and "Pinturicchio" received hard interventions by Austrian defender. "Yes it's true it was a difficult match, I received a bad shot on my knee. It was only to be expected! they wouldn't have been very thin. The most important thing was winning and at the end we reached our purpose", explains Del Piero.
"I'm very pleased with by proof. At the end I gave my help".
Yesterday Alex Del Piero received the visit at Castle Govieeux, of his parents who came to Paris together with the brother and other relatives. All together were present at a miniconcert of Claudio Baglioni who will give a concert for Italian team to celebrate the entry to second round".
We had perfect tactics. The match was well planned. We could even make other goals". Gigi Di Biagio, interviewed for a long time even by "Times", is more and more the leader of centre field. "We - he says - were waiting for their attack.
This behaviour is our property, we wait, we start again and then we throw again. This is not the only way of playing. Mister usually adapts the team to the opponent, this behaviour could be criticised, but results demonstrate that he's right, it must be respected because matches can be played in various ways...Today they had nothing to lose so they risked a lot".
You don't get excited anymore for the world Cup? "Me?- he says - I've always been quiet. You realise there are different matches when you come out from the changing-rooms and then you find lots of reporters, and for the titles you find the day after in newspapers".
"The team is growing more and more - says Di Biagio - the more we play the more we feel good together".

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